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Illuminations – Resources for teaching mathematics

Although this site has been primarily developed in line with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics guidelines in the United States, it is still very relevant and applicable to the curriculum objectives of Australian state and national Mathematics curriculums.

The online activities are particularly useful to integrate as part of a lesson plan. Activities are searchable by grade level or a particular key word. The educational focus is the main strength of these games as they directly relate to a specific curriculum objective, so make great planning and assessment tools for teachers in the classroom. The addition of printable worksheets also makes this site attractive for teachers to use in the classroom.

The only negatives to these activities are that they are fairly short in duration, so not enough to base a full lesson around. There is no ongoing incentives for the child to return to the game once they have completed the objectives as they are very much stand-alone activities.

A very useful website to use for teaching mathematics, but maybe not something that children are going to want to continually use once the lesson is over. As such it is rated 4 stars.



Cyberkidz Educational Games

This is an online website that literally has over 100 games covering the key learning areas of  Maths, Literacy, Geography, Science, Arts and Music. Within each learning area the games are categorised by the suggested age of the child. The age range is from 4 to 11 years of age so is very suitable for primary school aged children

Whereas the website allows you to select a region, the Australian version defaults to the United Kingdom version so you do need to keep in mind that any of the Maths activities relating to currency and some of the geography based games are not going to be relevant to the Australian curriculum, however there are still many other wonderful games to choose from. The graphics are wonderfully cheerful and colourful and navigation tool very easy to use.

Probably my only fault would be the use of ages rather than levels – could be very de-motivating for a child to struggle with a level less than their age although t could also be motivating if they were operating above their age level. The other surprising aspect is that there was no audio to many games – although this could be a positive in an already noisy classroom

Overall I would rate this one 4 stars, mainly because of the negatives mentioned above, but still a great example of free online educational games.

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Maths Bingo for ipad / ipod by ABCya!

Math Bingo takes all the fun of bingo and uses it to develop kids mathematical proficiency in the four basic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is available for both the ipod and ipad as a free app although there is also another more detailed version available for purchase.

The aim of the game is select the correct answer to the maths problems displayed in the grid, with the object being to get five in a row in order to claim “Bingo”. The game is timed and bonus points are awarded for achieveing “Bingo” in record time. When a player achieves a high score they are awarded a bingo bug which they can  collect and use for other activities.

There are three difficulty levels so this game is suitable for infants through to higher primary. The incentives of collecting all different types of bugs as well as competing against other users, is a great motivational tool for reluctant mathematicians. The more experienced the users are at playing the game, the harder it is to achieve a high score so there is an incentive to keep playing the game.

Overall, I have found this to be one of the better applications for developing mathematical skills and the ease of use earns this particular application 5 stars!

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